With over 25 banks in the UAE, we serve our customers with the support of product customers. Our goal is to serve you best.

Our Services

With over 25 banks in the UAE, we serve our customers with the support of product customers. Our goal is to serve you best.

Business Loan

The success of a business depends on the capacity of the story and the appropriate amount of resources. At GetLoan, we are busy managing business capital to easily manage your daily business transactions in the city.

Business account

A business account is a prerequisite for the operation of any company, but customers often do not share a pleasant experience with a complex and difficult process. Don't worry, we are here to provide expert guidance and make it a hassle-free experience for our valued clients.

Debt consolidation

People often struggle to manage their expenses and often have access to loans. Debt consolidation is one of the best ways to reduce debt management obligations and allow them to live peaceful lives.

Debt settlement

Debit settlement or credit settlement require experience. To address all financial constraints, our experienced team will work with your lender to thoroughly analyze your financial situation and negotiate a complete and final solution to your debt.

Personal Loan

We handle all types of loans, such as payroll loans, cheap transfer loans or other banks that buy the best interest rates to meet all your needs.

Personal account

We handle salary, savings and non-resident accounts with standard plans and minimum documentation.

Financial consultation

Our expert advisors are always there to serve you and if you need financial assistance contact us. if you require any financial assistance.

Credit card

In today's era of e-commerce, for every A to Z payments, you must keep plastic money which is secured and also rewards you with points, cash back, etc.

Service Features

As a leading provider of financial services, we have the following characteristics as we serve our customers.

Data privacy

We understand that our customer's data and information are confidential. Hence, we follow zero tolerance in terms of data privacy and ensure that the data and information are secured throughout the process and thereafter.

Accounts opening in UAE

We deal with all kinds of account such as saving, salary transfer, non-resident, company accounts etc. An account opening in UAE can be a rewarding experience.

Debt settlement and restructure

If an individual fails to meet his financial obligations and stuck in a cash crunch situation, be it a foreign expat or UAE nationals, we will help him to overcome the situation with structured guidelines throughout the process.

Free counseling

We are the only firm in UAE who provides free debt consultation for everyone. If you have any kind of query, please feel free to call us, visit us and we will assist you in the best possible manner.

Credit bureau

AECB is an authority who maintains a record of your financial liability in UAE across the banks, it also helps lender to understand your repayment behavior which determines your lending score.

Dealing with different types of loans

We can arrange loans for our customers based on his requirements at a nominal interest rate - be it for personal needs like a Dream vacation, savings for retirement, gifts for loved ones, etc(Personal loan) or liquidity requirements for the business purpose(Business loan).

About Us

We are a team of banking expert with an array of financial product and services, operating to secure your all kinds of financial interest with the help of our expert support & solution. We work closely with our associates working in regional banks to serve you better. In an era of AECB, it is important to take expert advice before making any financial decisions.

  • We have a team of financial Expert.
  • We have a trustworthy team whom our clients can trust.
  • We help to fulfill our client's financial needs.

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Our Experts

Our experts are UAE experienced banker with over 8 years of banking experience, we are proud of our team.


Virendra Singh, FRM

Business Head & Financial Consultant

A Certified FRM, MBA professional with over 8 yrs of experience in the banking sector. He has also passed the CFA Level 2 exam from CFA Institute, USA. He possesses a strong work ethic and has a sound understanding of financial markets, both domestic and international.


Ms. Umme Haani Khan

Service Consultant

Haani has 8 yrs of work experience in Sales & Customer service industry. She has worked for International process & has been accoladed for excellent customer service.


Ms. Farheen Zaiba Turki

Service Consultant

A BBA professional with nearly 1.5 yrs of banking experience. Zaiba is a certified IRDA, sportsperson & has expertise in handling customers.