Also with a non-corporation we will arrange a debt buy-. The rate of loans can be as low as 2.99% p.a. Quick 24-hour clearance. We give free debt advice.

Debt Restructure/Settlement

The debt settlement process enables an individual or entity to reduce and renegotiate their delinquent debts in order to enhance or restore liquidity in order to live a peaceful lives in the face of cash-flow problems and financial distress.


If a person fails to fulfill its financial obligations and finds himself in a crisis in the capital, be he a foreign expatriate or UAE citizen, we will help him solve the problem in the process by means of formal guidance.

Find a reliable representative

Firstly, you will find a delegate, a lawyer or another designated official, to speak on your behalf with the bank and other authorities.

Negotiation with bank

Designate a person who has the experience and outstanding negotiation skills to bargain on your behalf with your bank to get you a decent offer.

Black and white

When your agent signs an agreement with a bank, it is important that it is written and signed. Until making the payment / installment, the paperwork should be signed / released.

Clearance & Release Letter

After payment of the settlement amount, the clearance or disclosure letter from the respective banks is important.

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