We can arrange a loan buy-out even for a non-listed company. Loan rate can be as low as 2.99% p.a. Quick approval in 24 hours. We do free debt counseling.


We are a team of banking expert with an array of financial product and services, operating to secure your all kinds of financial interest with the help of our expert support & solution.

   Why shall one contact get loan expert?
During an era of the AECB, a suitable financial institution should be consulted to receive your loan / card / credit clearance because it impacts your credit score any time your application is rejected and it will not be available for a certain amount of time.
We also recommend that you take expert advice before you make any financial decisions.
   Is there any consultancy fee?
However, if you would like to continue with any of the other facilities listed on the page, you need to pay a mutually agreed nominal service fee.
   How do you help?
In the case of a credit / credit card / debt restructuring, we gather customer details and specifications. Our specialist then analyzes the data and addresses the problem with the policy department, which deals with different bank regulations and suggests a suitable branch.
In the event of debt settlement, our specialist gathers facts, makes the debt arrangement suitable for you and attempts to negotiate with you with your creditor.
We also propose and support the creation of a company and personal account in another bank with the best service.
We agree to recommend a better bank and leader for you.
   What are your services?
We deliver a number of services, some of which are listed below.
  • Personal / company loan deal, credit card, Overdraft of best available UAE financial institutions.
  • Support to access personal / business accounts.
  • Facilitating debt settlement, loan restructuring, buy-out by strongest banks with all liabilities.
  • Debt counseling and debt restructuring facilitation.
  • Negotiate debt settlement on your behalf with your creditor, etc.
   How do you suggest the best financial institutions?
We provide the consumer and our banking policy advisor with all necessary details to find a fine, reliable and best available institution. We keep your details and identification exclusively secret during this exercise.
   What is the validity of the service fee paid?
The bulk of the time service fee is applicable for a series of acts and necessary work decided to by each other which can extend between 90 and 120 days.
   Do you have any free service?
Yeah, we have free telephone consultation, from 10:00 to 12:00 Sunday to Thursday, for 2 hours a day. Please call our contact center and book your mobile service appointment.
   Do you have any branches in other emirates?
No, we're just based in Dubai.
   Can your officer visit my office for a meeting?
Sure, an specialist can be scheduled to advise the office.
   How do you negotiate with a banker in case of settlement case?
We have expertise to work with these cases. We became experts in dialogue and mediation.
  Are there any minimum salary criteria for your service?
No, we give our best to any client.