We can arrange a loan buy-out even for a non-listed company. Loan rate can be as low as 2.99% p.a. Quick approval in 24 hours. We do free debt counseling.

Product & Services

With the help of expert bankers from over 25 UAE banks, we serve our customers with a range of products and services. Our mission is to represent you the best we can.

Business Loan

The success of an organization depends on the capability of the story and the amount of resources needed. At GetLoan, we control business capital to manage the day-to-day purchases in the city comfortably.

Business account

A business account is a precondition for any company's service, but consumers often have no pleasant experience through a complex and difficult process. Don't worry, we are here to offer expert advice and give our trusted clients a hassle-free experience.

Debt consolidation

People often have trouble handling their spending and often have access to loans. Debt restructuring is one of the easiest ways to reduce and lead peaceful lives with debt management commitments.

Debt settlement

Debit or loan settlement requires experience. Education. Our professional team will work with your trustee to evaluate carefully the financial situation and discuss a total and final loan solution to deal with all financial constraints.

Personal Loan

We arrange all kinds of loans, including loans for payrolls, inexpensive deposits or other banks that buy the best deal to match all of your needs.

Personal account

We work with regular structures and basic paperwork for wage, investments and non-resident deposits.

Financial consultation

Our specialist advisors are always there and call us if you need financial help. If you need any financial help.

Credit card

In our e-commerce age today, you have to keep plastic money safe, and award you with points, cash back, etc, for every A to Z order.